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Who Can Learn Digital Marketing And Why?

Most people in India, regardless of their age, aren’t aware about this career known as Digital Marketing. Understandably, it sounds very confusing.

Actually, digital marketing is rather simple. It’s a collection of various offline and online processes that are done on websites and social media to create awareness about an individual, company, brand, product or service. Or even a hobby if you like.

Now the big question is…

Who can learn digital marketing?

A simple answer to this is…

Anybody can learn, as long as they have basic knowledge about computers and the Internet and are ready to exert some efforts to learn new skills.

Therefore, let’s see how people from various walks of life can learn digital marketing for various purposes.

People Who Can Learn Digital Marketing

People have various needs at different times of their lives. Therefore, in this article, I will show how anyone can learn digital marketing and improve their lives.

1. School Dropouts

If you’ve been unable to complete school due to family’s financial situation or any compelling circumstances, it’s possible to learn digital marketing.

Unfortunately, Indian society looks down upon school dropouts. They wrongly believe that all students that leave school midway are poor learners or have bad character. Hence, you could be finding it difficult to get a good job.

Thanks to digital marketing courses, you can change your situation within as less than six months. If you are a school dropout for any reason but are expert in using the Internet, social media and email, you definitely qualify for a digital marketing course, and the financial situation of your family or your job needn’t be a hassle.

You can also learn the course part-time by attending weekend classes to keep the job. After successful completion of a digital marketing course various career options are available for you, either you can become a Blogger, start your own startup or can also work as a freelancer.

2. Higher Secondary Students

Generally, every Indian student stands on crossroads of the career upon completion of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or its equivalent.

On one hand, they wish to pursue higher education in engineering, medicine, architecture, and other prestigious fields. On the other, they look for something that would provide them lifetime job security.

If you’re standing on crossroads of career, go for a course in digital marketing. That’s because digital marketing is useful for almost every career, and you can do the course during weekends & vacations too.

As HSC or equivalent student, digital marketing provides you skills to begin earning money right away. A good digital marketing training institute will provide you a free website for which it will pay.

Means, you become a proud owner of a website. You can use this website for blogging about your hobbies. Furthermore, you can popularize and make money from this website using digital marketing skills. As a result, you have a superb head-start over your peers.

3. Bachelor Degree Students

Students of Bachelor degree in Arts, Science and Commerce can also benefit immensely by doing an excellent digital marketing course while studying.

Usually, students with such degrees have lots of career options since they don’t specialize in fields such as medicine, engineering, and law.

While this is an advantage, it can also prove a disadvantage. Due to such a large number of BA, B.Com and BSc degree holders in the job market, competition for every position is hottest.

At best, you can complete a Bachelor degree and crack any tough entrance exam such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and those held by State Bank of India and others.

In such cases, digital marketing is your best option. You can work as a digital marketer and start earning larger salaries than regular Bachelor degree holders usually draw.

Entry-level salaries for digital marketers begin at Rs.15,000. This is much higher than what you can expect from a clerical or sales job.

4. Engineering Students

Digital marketing can open doors of prosperity for engineering students. If we look at the latest statistics, over 80 percent of Indian engineers remain without employment.

That too after spending about Rs.2 million or so on a course and spending three to four years or more to complete your degree.

Staying unemployed means your skills become redundant and outdated as an engineer. Technologies you learn become old and obsolete. Else, you’ll need to settle for low paying other jobs that aren’t in any way connected with engineering.

Here, digital marketing is handy because you can open own blog and start earning some income.

And if you get excellent employment, you can open a professional blog that trains other engineers on much-needed skills. As an engineering student, you can also become an online tutor on subjects you love.

5. Businesspersons

I always quote these famous words of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates: “If your business is not on the Internet, soon your business will go out of business.”

With these words, Bill Gates perfectly highlights the importance of businesses having an online presence.

However, having a mere online presence isn’t enough, regardless whether it’s a Multinational Company or a neighborhood grocery store.

People need to know about your business, feel it’s relevant to their lives and feel the need. Only after that, they’ll translate as customers. And this vital function is possible only through digital marketing.

If you’re working for an MNC or large corporation, most likely you have digital marketers on the team. If not, it’s high time to send some of your staff for training with a very reputed digital marketing training institute like DMatic Digital

And for small businesses, it’s ideal for the business owner or their spouse or another family member to learn digital marketing. They can help your business grow exponentially into newer markets and tap more customers.

6. Working Executives

Junior and middle management executives working in sales and marketing, as well as product development, should learn digital marketing.

You can work wonders for your employer by creating a blog for the company and offer products and services through affiliate marketing.

Additionally, you also learn email marketing, social media marketing and other techniques that can definitely benefit the organization to steal a march over competitors.

Digital marketing also helps convert potential leads to sales that translate as better profits.

Listening to customers, analyzing feedback, innovating a brand, product or service offering and disseminating information is easier when you use digital marketing over conventional marketing. Digital marketing also helps create demand for your organization’s brand in newer, virgin markets.

7. MLM Associates

Multilevel Marketing or MLM provides self-employment to millions of Indians. Consequently, there are several MNCs that vie with top Indian MLM companies for a larger slice of the market.

As each MLM company endeavors to up its market share, they appoint more associates. Hence, there’s cutthroat competition among MLM associates working in a specific territory.

Any MLM associate that’s serious about this business can definitely prosper through digital marketing.

Should you be an MLM affiliate, you can open an ecommerce website and sell your products. Or you can open a marketplace on Shopify, Etsy or Facebook too.

Digital marketing helps promote your marketplace or website and ensures you get more leads that convert as customers.

8. Housewives

Housewives that study digital marketing are able to launch an entirely new career without leaving the comfort of their homes and avoiding stressful commutes.

Additionally, housewives can work only during their spare time and earn a large amount of money to augment household income. A home-based digital marketing career enables them to efficiently juggle between household duties and work.

Wives of businessmen can learn digital marketing and promote their family business.

Furthermore, a digital marketing course and career ensure that a housewife doesn’t become dependent upon family or others for money, in case of any unforeseen eventualities such as demise of the husband or divorce. It enables them to have a home-based career without disrupting lifestyle.

Additionally, housewives can give wings to their passions and hobbies by opening a blog or free YouTube channel using skills they learn from a digital marketing course.

In fact, several housewives are celebrity YouTubers because they train ordinary women in beauty and make-up or cooking skills. You too can become a celebrity with the right skills and digital marketing and make the really grand amount of money.

9. Fresh Retirees

Retirement is a period that most employed persons look forward to.

And some take premature retirement too, when they have adequate financial resources they believe can last their lifetime. Unfortunately, that always isn’t the case as inflation and unexpected expenses can throw lifetime savings and other assets out of gear.

Also, fresh retirees also face another major problem: what to do in the spare time? Once you stop working, you’ll find no use for that surplus 10 to 12 hours daily.

What then? The best thing to do to counter both these problems is to learn digital marketing. Surely, a fresh retiree would be tech-savvy. Means, you’ll have at least working knowledge about computers and the Internet.

You can use these skills to work during spare time and make a lot of money, regardless of whether you need it or not. It keeps you gainfully busy and those extra hours don’t seem like a burden. In fact, you’ll enjoy the processes. Also, you can become an online tutor and train a fresher with your skills and experience through a blog or YouTube channel.

10. Persons with Special Needs

Any person with physical challenges can easily become a digital marketer and launch own home-based enterprise.

They don’t need to commute or look for jobs elsewhere. Instead, they can easily become an entrepreneur or freelancer and earn a huge income from home.

Digital services will contribute over $150billion to the Indian economy by 2021, and you can play a key role in this landmark achievement.

Digital India and Skills India programs aim at empowering Indians to get digital services while developing talent in high-demand and growing sectors in India and abroad.

You too can get trained as a digital marketer and fulfill all your dreams with a good digital marketing course. In fact, you can become a role model for others with your skills.

11. Management Students

Management students in India are facing immense hardships in finding good jobs nowadays.

Of the nearly 300,000 Master of Business Administration or MBA students that graduate from some 5,000 business schools and management institutes, barely seven percent are employable. The main reason is lack of skills typical of a management degree such as MBA.

Any management student can avoid this predicament by doing an excellent digital marketing course. You can combine management and digital marketing skills to become an asset for any large company in India.

Studies prove that MBA graduates often end up with salaries of Rs.10,000 since they don’t possess skills expected from the degree.

In stark contrast, a digital marketing fresher who has just done HSC gets Rs.15,000 as entry-level salary. If you’re a  management student and would like to give that added zip to your resume, do a digital marketing course.

12. Freelancers

India has the second-highest population of white-collar freelancers in the world: an estimated 18 million people work as freelancers in various sectors of the economy.

This trend is expected to continue and flourish as larger number of qualified and skilled people find freelancing more profitable than conventional office jobs. In fact, freelancers function as independent contractors.

The normal practice for freelancers is to sign-up on various websites such as Upwork and FlexJobs, find assignments and bid for them. A prospective employer goes through your credentials and works examples before entrusting you the job.

You can easily influence this process by learning digital marketing. You can open own website, upload work samples, testimonials and other relevant data.

Once your website is ready, perform digital marketing processes and promote it to draw the attention of prospective employers. It’s also worth mentioning your website on any resume you upload on a freelance job website for employers to view.

Furthermore, you can also work as a freelancer offering digital marketing services, upon successfully completing a course. There are several small and large business that look at outsourcing some or all digital marketing processes from freelancers. It saves them the hassles of hiring fulltime digital marketing staff.

Wrap Up

It is clear from the above examples that digital marketing has an outstanding scope and is also an excellent career that persons from all walks of life can pursue without any hassles.

There are no complicated entrance exams to crack. Nor are there any age limitations to learn digital marketing.

It is a trending profession in India that few people are aware about. Hence, there is a shortage of digital marketers in the job market currently. You can cash-in on this skills shortage and make a career or relaunch one easily by doing a superb digital marketing course.



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