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Top 10 AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has made the task of digital marketing a bit easier. While all digital marketing tasks can’t solely be performed by AI, qualified personnel can utilize it to perform quicker and possibly fetch better results while keeping overhead expenses in check.

If you’re a digital marketer, it’s essential nowadays to learn how to utilize AI tools for your profession, should you wish to stay ahead of the competition.

Learning and using AI are of paramount significance for every digital marketer if they wish to remain marketable in the employment or freelance market while ensuring their skills don’t become redundant.

Hence, I am writing this article to help you identify the best possible AI tool for digital marketing.

Even as I write, every known AI tool is being upgraded by its creators. Hence, I strongly suggest that you personally utilize at least the trial versions of these AI tools before placing your money on any long-term subscriptions.

Therefore, let’s start by fully comprehending the reasons for digital marketers to utilize AI-based tools for their personal blogs and websites or for employers and clients.

Reasons to Use AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, also known as Internet marketing or online marketing is gaining momentum almost by the second. Basically, it’s the skill or science of popularizing and generating a demand for a brand using online resources.

This skill is in huge demand nowadays. That’s because the world is witnessing an increasing number of businesses and services shifting to online platforms such as portals, websites and apps.

This paradigm shift in the way the world does business began much earlier, as the Internet became accessible and cheap for people to use. However, it gained unprecedented momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 that sickened the world, forcing people into isolation and making in-store shopping near extinct.

With millions of businesses now vying for customers online, it’s imperative and imminent that each organization, regardless of its size, nature and location, resorts to some level of digital marketing. Consequently, we witnessed an increase in the number of persons learning various digital marketing courses through classroom and online courses.

The Current Scenario of Digital Marketers

As qualified digital marketers made a beeline for what was deemed to be a lucrative job market for both regulars and freelancers, there was a sudden development in 2022: the advent of Artificial Intelligence resources.

The easy and economical availability of AI tools caused some level of panic in the world of digital marketing since there were chatters of professionals in the field losing their jobs to machines.

Now, with AI proving to be unreliable and rife with unexpected issues, it’s clear that individuals and organizations that require digital marketing can’t solely depend on Artificial Intelligence.

Instead, they require personnel that’s qualified digital marketers but also possess skills in AI to expedite their processes while netting anticipated results.

For those looking to explore a wide range of AI tools, check out AI tools listings like which offers a comprehensive list of AI tools.

Therefore, if you wish to upgrade your skills by deploying the power of AI for your digital marketing processes, continue reading further. I’m presenting a list of top AI tools for digital marketing and their features in brief.

The list is generic and includes various kinds of AI tools that might help you expedite and enjoy your digital marketing processes.

Top AI Tools for Digital Marketing

To begin with, I reiterate that AI is a relatively new technology that continues to evolve by the minute. Hence, nobody can vouch for the accuracy or quality of results that you might anticipate.

All AI tools for digital marketing come at a cost albeit free trial versions with limited features are provided by their developers for you to test. You can try any of these AI tools for digital marketing from my list before opting for paid versions.

1. Jasper

Jasper is basically an AI tool that performs multiple tasks, depending on your prompts. It has proven to be effective in assisting content creators to write blog posts, social media posts, website content and other similar text. It uses AI to create SEO-optimized, creative posts for various purposes. This helps your tasks of blending keywords for SEO purposes in your content that could be useful for Google and other search engine rankings.

2. Rytr

Rytr is a versatile AI tool that is specifically aimed at writers of all genres. Rytr blends your creativity and writings to provide creative and SEO content for blogs and websites, social media and email marketing with correct prompts. It also helps you choose and structure your content according to your needs such as writing product reviews, descriptions and ads among others. This AI tool is specially created for content writers who require assistance with SEO

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO simplifies your tasks. All you need to do is input your website content, and text for social media posts and blogposts. Surfer provides you with data-driven suggestions for optimizing the content with keywords and other essentials.

You can also ask Surfer to rewrite the content by blending keywords without any other alterations. The prompts should specify what you’re targeting to enable Surfer to provide proper suggestions or rewritten content.

4. Word AI

Word AI is primarily an AI tool that can help generate SEO-friendly content by blending in the right number of keywords. This feature could help your content rank faster on Google and other search engines.

Word AI also checks content for spelling and other errors. With proper prompts, you can get content rewritten to conform to Yoast SEO standards for English readability. This makes it easier for Google algorithms to detect and rank content.

5. Scalenut AI

Scalenut AI is an AI tool for digital marketers that especially focuses on Search Engine Optimization.

Scalenut AI provides suggestions on keywords that you can blend with any content, with the right prompts that provide details such as target audience, purpose of the content and other relevant information. Its AI can also hunt for specific keywords according to your target demographics.

6. Brand 24

For digital marketers that lay heavy emphasis on social media content to promote their products and services, Brand 24 provides an amazing AI-based solution.

You can leverage Brand 24 AI to track, monitor and take cognizance of comments and other chatter about your brand over social media platforms. It provides invaluable outputs that could help you interact with followers of your social media accounts for enhanced engagements.

7. Einstein Analytics

As the name suggests, Einstein Analytics is all about data analysis for your digital marketing campaigns. Its powerful AI can help you analyze your digital marketing campaigns and provide unbiased reports on cost, effectiveness and outreach, among others.

Einstein Analytics can help you gain deeper insights into your digital marketing campaigns for enhancing performance in future. This is a vital tool for digital marketers working on shoestring budgets.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is partially driven by AI and there are chances that a fully AI-driven version might be shortly available. This partly AI-driven tool is suitable for automating some parts of email campaigns.

It can perform tasks such as providing suggestions or directly personalizing emails and their content to provide greater engagement between brand owners, clients and other stakeholders.

9. Albert AI

Albert AI is an Artificial Intelligence-based tool that’s specifically made for digital marketing. It provides AI-powered solutions specifically designed for optimizing and managing your advertising campaigns across various platforms including social media and e-commerce websites.

In some instances, it can help analyze a competitor’s ad campaign and provide suggestions on ways and means to outrank them.

10. Wordstream AI

Wordstream AI isn’t specifically made as a digital marketing AI tool. Instead, it can perform a variety of tasks such as assisting with or providing valuable suggestions to content creators and designers.

Wordstream AI can help you to identify the best social media platform to optimize your ad campaigns. This in turn translates as successful digital marketing campaigns at lower costs and greater conversions.

Wrap Up

These top 10 tools for digital marketing could help ease some of your tasks at work. These tools continue to evolve and hence, use them with discretion. Additionally, you could also use common AI tools such as ChatGPT-3.5 or higher for searching keywords for content or help in content creation.

Resources such as Dall-E can be utilized effectively to use AI generated images that are exclusive and hence, don’t violate any copyrights, for your websites, social media posts or blog posts. We can expect more AI tools for digital marketing to debut in future.



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best ai tools for digital marketing

Top 10 AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has made the task of digital marketing a bit easier. While all digital marketing tasks can’t solely be performed by AI, qualified personnel