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Looking for Courses after 12th? Digital Marketing is the Best Choice

Every student in India stands at crossroads of life upon completion of 12th standard of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or its equivalent. They’re torn between opting for traditionally favourite, professional courses including engineering and medicine. Or enrolling for regular degree courses after 12th including Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce and others.

A right choice paves way for an excellent career and happy life while a wrong decision can land you in nightmarish conditions. Why does this occur? Here are the reasons.

Facts & Figures

Over 1.5 million engineers graduate every year from nearly 4,800 engineering colleges and universities across India.

Sadly, the unemployment rate among engineering graduates stands at a staggering 80 percent, due to various reasons. This means, the effort, time and money on engineering studies is a sheer waste.

Currently, some 200,000 doctors in India are unemployed or don’t have own clinics, despite only 50,000 students graduating every year with a medical degree.

And the situation is worse for students that complete their BA, B.Com, B.Sc and similar degrees: At best, they can land a sales or clerical job unless they hold some post-graduate, specialized qualifications.

How to avoid these scenarios, would be the obvious questions you would ask if you’re looking for courses after 12th standard.

That’s where Digital Marketing comes into play. Digital marketing courses after 12th enables you to overcome the threat of unemployment, low salaries and working at jobs you wouldn’t really relish.

15 Reasons Which Proves Digital Marketing is the Best Course After 12th

Obviously, there’re very strong reasons why I’m saying that digital marketing courses after 12th standard is best choice. And these reasons are based on strong facts.

1. No Complex Entrance Exams

There’re no complex entrance exams you’ll have to pass to qualify for a digital marketing course.

Anyone that’s completed HSC or awaiting results can enroll for the excellent digital marketing courses after 12th. Basic computer and Internet skills are all that you’ll require.

2. Short Duration

Usually, digital marketing courses after 12th have 3 to 12 months in duration. You don’t need to spend precious years from your life to do a digital marketing course.

A good digital marketing course prepares you for the job market. Hence, you begin your professional career much earlier than an engineer, doctor or regular Bachelor degree holder.

By the time a doctor, engineer of Bachelor degree holder starts earning, you’re already a mid-level executive with lucrative pay and about 3 years experience. Digital marketing offers this head-start over other professions.

3. Affordable & Cost Efficient

Thousands of engineering and medical students have to take education loans from banks and financial institutions to pay fees and cover course-related expenses.

And usually, these students are in debt while graduating. Thankfully, digital marketing courses are affordable for everyone.

There’s no need to avail an education loan. And some of the best digital marketing courses offer scholarships in the form of discounts and cashbacks for deserving students.

4. International Qualifications

An excellent digital marketing course after 12th will enable you to get international certifications. The course will qualify you to appear for online exams conducted by Google, Facebook and other Internet giants.

Upon passing these exams, you’ll get certifications that are valid worldwide. These international certifications are useful if you’re looking at working in foreign countries.

5. Learning Part-Time

If you’re already working and have no time for studies, you can still do a digital marketing course.

You can avail a classroom study course held on weekends specially for working persons.

And if you’re studying, it’s still possible to do a digital marketing course part-time instead of wasting time on fruitless pursuits.

6. Immense Employment Scope

India will need about two million digital marketers by 2022 to support the country’s booming ecommerce industry and support other smaller companies, says a report by topmost international consultancy, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Hence, now is the right time to do a digital marketing courses after 12th and enter the field.

7. Unlimited Employers

Digital marketers don’t work for online retailers like Amazon only.

In fact, banks, insurance companies, government departments, topmost industries, healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage, airlines, travel and tourism and almost every sector needs digital marketers.

That’s because digital marketing helps them gain an edge over competitors. Therefore, you can choose the industry where you wish to make a career.

8. Launching Own Startup

And if you don’t wish to work, it’s possible to launch own startup too.

Digital marketing is necessary for small and large businesses. However, not every business can afford a fulltime digital marketer or may wish to outsource services.

By launching own startup, you can offer digital marketing services to such businesses. And you needn’t look for an office too: you can launch this startup from home as well.

The only investments would be an excellent computer and reliable Internet connection. And of course, an excellent digital marketing course.

9. Enter Gig Economy

The term gig economy describes the freelance business. Nowadays, an increasing number of millennials are choosing part-time work over fulltime employment.

Because it offers flexible work hours. Freelancing empowers you to work on your price rather than a fixed salary.

Worldwide, freelancing is becoming popular since it enables a better, happier lifestyle and higher income. Doing digital marketing courses after 12th standard enables you to enter gig economy too.

10. Continuous Learning

Despite the popularity, digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field. When you do an excellent digital marketing course after 12th standard and start working, you’re also opening doors for continuous learning.

Newer processes and standards keep developing frequently. And you get hands-on experience while working as a digital marketer, without the need to attend special courses.

11. Multiple Specializations

Digital Marketing is the only sphere where you can specialize in one of two processes, unlike other professions.

A good digital marketing course will train you on various processes including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and others.

You can specialize in one or more of these processes to offer services as professional, launch business or freelance. The ultimate choice rests with you.

12. Opportunity to Become Online Celebrity

Blogging and vlogging are two essential components of digital marketing. Any excellent digital marketing course will train you on writing blogs and creating video content.

There are countless subjects available for blogging and vlogging. By opening a blog or vlog that deals with your passion, it’s possible to become an online celebrity.

PewDiePie is a celebrity vlogger worldwide while Pritam Nagrale is one of the most successful bloggers of India.

13. Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

When you open a blog or vlog, you can also make extra money through affiliate marketing.

Large corporations such as Amazon and eBay among others, allow you to become their affiliate marketers.

You’ll learn all the ropes of affiliate marketing from a superb digital marketing course. Affiliate marketing enables you to make money even while you’re asleep or busy on other tasks.

14. Relevance of Skills

Upon doing a digital marketing course after 12th standard, your skills remain relevant lifelong.

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India and elsewhere in the world. As you continue learning, you’ll be fine-tuning all skills that are necessary for the job market or as an entrepreneur.

These skills will never go redundant or become outdated if you keep updating. And the demand for digital marketers will increase over decades as more organizations go online.

15. Entry to Prestigious Courses

You’ll be surprised: a good digital marketing course and working as a digital marketer can get you entry for further studies at very highly reputed educational institutions such as Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

Getting admissions to an IIM is very tough for most people. However, IIM offers a course in digital marketing for working professionals as part of executive education. And you’ll surely know the value of a degree from IIM.

Unparalleled Benefits of Digital Marketing

As you’ll notice from the 15 points above, no other course- professional or otherwise- offers such immense benefits such as digital marketing.

And you can do an excellent digital marketing course even while studying for any regular, non-specialized graduate degree such as Arts, Commerce and Science, among others.

This is a course that prepares you to find excellent work today and prepares you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Closing Thoughts

Bill Gates says: “If your business is not on the Internet, soon your business will be out of business.”

These words coming from none other than the founder of Microsoft himself clearly show the importance of digital marketing. Therefore, if you’re standing on crossroads of career after 12th standard, consider doing digital marketing courses after 12th. You won’t regret it.




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