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Need a Career Change? Digital Marketing is the Best Choice

You may be having a successful and lucrative career. Yet, you might feel like giving up because it’s no longer enjoyable or is gradually becoming mundane and boring.

On one hand, you’re torn between leaving this career in favor of greener pastures. On the other, you’ll worry about uncertainties that a new career will definitely usher in an otherwise stable life.

Do the above words somewhat describe your plight? Don’t worry: you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide look for a career change at various phases of life and face the same dilemmas.

That’s because they don’t know where to look.

If you’re among those countless people that need a career change, digital marketing is the best choice.

Why Digital Marketing is Best Choice?

Understandably, you’ll ask why digital marketing is the best choice.

Here are some strong reasons.

Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India, says PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international consultancy. The country will require over two million digital marketing professionals by the year 2022 to support e-commerce and other industries. And this trend is expected to continue for several years post-2022.

Furthermore, e-commerce in India will support over 20 million businesses in India by 2022, the report adds.

There are several other pointers and facts available from highly reliable sources that clearly highlight the fact that the digital marketing industry, in general, will witness unprecedented boom over coming years.

Ecommerce is not the only sector that will require digital marketers. In fact, every sector in India- Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), travel and tourism, hospitality, healthcare, agriculture, logistics and also the Central and state governments will have vacancies for digital marketing professionals

The trends have already set in and are gathering pace rapidly. Check your Facebook account, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or simply visit any website. You’ll see digital marketing in action in various forms.

However, these are not the only reasons. There are several more compelling points to opt for digital marketing if you’re looking at a career change.

Digital Marketing for Career Change

Every career change regardless of what stage of life you’re at comes with inherent pangs of fear and uncertainty. Therefore, we’ll address these issues that could be stopping you from a career change.

Need for New Skills

Understandably, a career change usually requires you to learn an entirely new set of skills. By any standards, this isn’t an easy task.

Acquiring new skills for a career change is literally like going back to school. It involves long hours of study that would possibly mean leaving your job. Not to mention working as an intern to fine-tune your skills for the new career.

Instead, you can opt for a career change by entering digital marketing even while having a lucrative, full-time job.

There are custom-made courses for working professionals. These courses usually consist of 150 hours of classroom study and 150 hours practical, on-hands training.

Classroom courses are held on Saturday evening and Sunday mornings- schedules that would suit any working person. Practical and on-hands training is held during weekdays. However, offers flexibility: you can complete these 150 hours of practical training at your convenience.

No Income Disruption

Another major hurdle when you need a career change is income disruption. Age-old traditions in India demand that you complete education in the early 20s and settle in life within a few years.

Also, changing career in mid-age would involve lots of family opposition. Your parents, siblings, and spouse may try to talk you out of a career change. Because career change can bring about some disruption in family income.

By choosing digital marketing, you can easily avoid this problem. As I mentioned earlier, you can do an excellent digital marketing course from an excellent institute that offers part-time studies. This ensures your regular income continues.

Secondly, you can start working as a freelancer in digital marketing even while working fulltime in an altogether unrelated field such as engineering, accountancy or medicine, among others.

This ensures your regular income continues. And you earn more by freelancing during spare time on flexible hours.

Freelancing as digital marketer helps you transit smoothly and seamlessly to another profession when you need a career change. You can change career only when your work as digital marketer starts earning equal or more money than your regular job.

Digital Marketing for Everyone

You don’t need any special qualifications for career change to digital marketing. Regardless whether you hold Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), Master of Business Administration, medical or engineering degree or have a Bachelor degree in Arts, Science Commerce, you can still do a digital marketing course.

The question here is why professionals such as doctor or engineer or for that matter, a Chartered Accountant require a digital marketing course?

The answer is simple. Regardless of the profession, everyone has a passion, a hobby or favorite pastime.

And blogging is an excellent way to give wings to one’s passion. You can write about new things in your profession or something about your hobby.

Pursuing a hobby has excellent benefits for mental and physical health. And blogging opens doors to earning side income while providing an opportunity to become an Internet celebrity.

But to promote your blog for making money and becoming a celebrity, you’ll require digital marketing.

Skills India & Digital India

Skills India and Digital India are two excellent initiatives by the Indian government. Skills India aims at equipping Indian millennials with skills that will have high demand in the future.

Digital India will see most services from the Indian government and private sector going digital. These two initiatives open up excellent opportunities in digital marketing.

Youngsters with the right digital marketing skills will be able to find well-paid jobs at various government and private sector organizations.

Eventually, the need for manual processes will minimize drastically. Hence, this is the right time to avail a digital marketing course and change careers.

Avenues for Own Startup

As I mentioned earlier, e-commerce will support over 20 million small businesses in India.

Therefore, anyone looking at career change also has excellent opportunities to launch own digital marketing startups.

Your startup can provide digital marketing services to these smaller businesses that can’t afford the full-time staff or outsource from large corporations.

A digital marketing startup doesn’t require much infrastructure. A good computer with a reliable high-speed Internet connection is all you need.

And the startup venture can be easily launched from home itself. Thus you don’t need to invest on an expensive office.

International Certifications

Most conventional education courses in India don’t come with international certifications. Meaning, you’ll actually have to travel abroad to study at a foreign university.

And some online universities do offer international qualifications but they are extremely pricey. Despite the price, these online courses don’t provide much skills necessary for the job market.

In stark contrast, a good digital marketing course will prepare you for as many as 15 international certifications.

Meaning, you’re qualified to work as digital marketer anywhere in the world. And this type of career change is very welcome since it’s prestigious too.

Getting international certifications helps you to change careers without much of a hassle: you’ll find excellent jobs almost immediately.

Closing Thoughts

There are several distinct advantages of choosing digital marketing for a career change. One of the other advantages is the relevance of skills.

Since international certifications need renewal annually, you’ll continue to acquire the latest skills to pass their exams. Hence, you don’t become redundant or outdated in the job market.

And as a businessperson, your services continue to remain in demand. Furthermore, if you need a career change, it’s best to opt for a trending industry rather than one that’s on the wane or whose demand is dropping.

With e-commerce and digitization of economies worldwide gathering momentum at dizzying speed, digital marketing is a profession that’s here to stay for the long run.

Without exaggeration, we can safely conclude that we’re now part of the great digital age- a landmark in the timeless history of human evolution.



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