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First Generative AI Course in India Launched by AI Scholars Academy

Keeping in mind rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence worldwide and with an aim to equip Indians with the latest Generative AI skills, Dmatic Digital Pvt. Ltd has launched a new venture. The venture named AI Scholars Academy (AISA) intends to roll out high-end Generative AI courses at very affordable rates for Indians who wish to benefit from the global AI revolution.

The first course of its kind is currently on offer. This course is specially crafted to suit the basic and advanced requirements of a broad spectrum of the Indian community, ranging from college students aspiring for higher education to senior citizens looking for a source of income.

This course could also open career vistas for every fresher while providing working professionals a winning edge while executing their roles. The course would meet the needs of persons looking at leveraging their AI skills for freelancing or startups.

Overview of The Generative AI Training Course

This Gen-AI training course is available online. Registered learners will get access to this course instantly or within 24 hours of successful registration.

The course consists of 45 detailed videos and 14 hours of in-depth training, the course covers various elements of AI, including the latest versions of ChatGPT, OpenAI models, Microsoft Copilot and lots more. Students can fine-tune the skills they acquire through practical and hands-on projects while learning day-to-day applications of AI both in the workplace and personal lives. The primary objective of the Generative AI training course is to ensure that Indians have the necessary skills to compete at work and in business on a global level.

Introduction to the Trainer

The course will be conducted by Pritam Nagrale, a veteran digital marketer, AI expert and master trainer. He’s also the founder of Dmatic Digital Pvt. Ltd has conducted several pioneering digital marketing courses in the past. Realizing the potential of Generative AI and its future applications, the course is handcrafted by Pritam Nagrale and curated to meet the needs of Indians.

The curriculum is drafted to equip learners with any future developments in the field of AI that can be expected over the foreseeable future. This ensures that learners are geared to welcome all challenges that evolution in AI technology ushers over a span of time. Pritam Nagrale has close to 20 years of experience in training successful entrepreneurs and working professionals.

Enroll for The Gen AI Training Course

Currently, there are two variants of the course i.e Gold and Diamond, You can select either of the two that suits your specific needs and learn about AI and its countless applications

  • The AISA Gold Course costs Rs. 699 + GST.
  • The AISA Diamond Course costs Rs. 1499 + GST.

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What’s More

For a limited period, AISA is offering the two courses with a 200 per cent money-back guarantee. In simple terms, AISA will refund double the amount of fees if you’re dissatisfied with the course for any reason, no questions asked.

Those completing the course successfully will have access to Live sessions.



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