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About us

DMatic Digital is India’s one of the premier academies for digital marketing training. It’s a new name of our company Multiline Solutions that was established in 2007.

 The company started its digital marketing training in 2012 and this company has trained more than 50,000 people through its training centre, YouTube channel and blogs.

The company is founded by Pritam Nagrale, a passionate and most experienced digital marketer, blogger and YouTuber.

Pritam Nagrale started his career in digital marketing in 2004 when digital marketing was known as Internet Marketing. 

He is known for training methods and has received thousands of excellent reviews and comments on YouTube and other social platforms for the same.

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Our Mission:

At DMatic, we believe in quality education at affordable price so that digital marketing can reach maximum people of India and people can make a bright career in this trending industry.

Pritam Nagrale has created on of the best digital marketing course that does not give only skills in digital marketing but various skills and various careers that will help people to think differently in digital marketing.

DMatic’s true vision is to teach digital marketing to more than one million people at lowest cost.