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career choice

Need a Career Change? Digital Marketing is the Best Choice

You may be having a successful and lucrative career. Yet, you might feel like giving up because it’s no longer enjoyable or is gradually becoming mundane and boring. On one hand, you’re torn between leaving…
mobile marketing

How Mobile Marketing Helps Small Business To Succeed

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing platform in India that can help a small business to succeed. Anyone that’s living in India would definitely be witnessing the mobile revolution sweeping the country. People in remote,…
Digital Marketing Career

Why Digital Marketing Career Is The Best Option?

We live in an era where thousands of fresh graduates from management, engineering, medicine, and other specialty fields face the gloomy prospect of unemployment. There are numerous studies and news reports that prove this fact.…
Digital Marketing Meaning

What is Digital Marketing? A Simple Overview

Bill Gates famously said: “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” In these few words, the Founder of Microsoft highlights the importance of digital marketing. Companies…