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career in digital marketing for housewives

Why Housewives Should Build a Career in Digital Marketing

Giving up a career to become housewife is, unfortunately, an accepted tradition in India for some vague reasons.

Often, men that have lucrative income falsely believe it’s below their dignity allowing wives to work.

And women, encumbered by the role of homemaker which includes tending kids, cooking for the family and performing household chores, are often forced to leave jobs. They cannot bear such intense stress.

If you’re a woman facing any such circumstances, you should build a career in digital marketing. There are several reasons why I am saying digital marketing career is the best option!

Therefore, let’s start with facts and figures,

Shocking Stats about Educated Indian Women

Only 27 percent of Indian women are in the active workforce, finds a 2017 study by the World Bank and other major organizations. India ranks just one figure above Saudi Arabia as far as female participation in the workforce is concerned.

And this is a very shameful distinction by any standards for a growing economy such as India. Female literacy in India stands at 65.46 percent, which makes the high unemployment rate among women in India even more ignominious.

To add insult to injury, the highest participation in India’s female labor force is by illiterate women. A large chunk of educated women that hold graduate or higher and professional degrees is conspicuously missing from the workforce.

Though the Central and state governments provide free education to girls and meritorious young women, low participation in workforce signifies these expenses borne by the Indian taxpayer are vain.

Who’s to Blame?

Major blame goes to educated women. They quit jobs and desert careers in favor of being a housewife either willingly or due to coercion by family.

Others never take jobs to develop a career because they’re unwilling to work after marriage, content to stay as housewives.

Families also influence women to give up careers. The age-old tradition that women are solely responsible for nurturing kids and providing for the family is rife in India. Hence, women are often forced to abandon a profession.

And those who continue to work are often saddled with household chores as well as pressures of their job

This is where digital marketing can help housewives launch a brand new career.

Digital Marketing Benefits for Housewives

Here I’ll highlight 10 amazing reasons why housewives should build a career in digital marketing. Surely, any housewife will find this information useful.

1. Wide Range of Careers

While we’re still on the topic of careers, I can assure you that digital marketing offers the widest possible choice. You have as many as four different career choices once you complete a superb digital marketing course and start working from home or part-time.

  • Blogging: There are over 550 million blogs worldwide. And thousands of celebrity bloggers too. A digital marketing course allows you to start own blog and earn your dream lifestyle.
  • Digital Marketing Entrepreneur: Armed with a good computer and high-speed reliable Internet connection, a housewife can start own home-based enterprise offering digital marketing services to small and large businesses.
  • Affiliate Marketer: Owning a website or blog also allows housewives to earn considerable money through affiliate marketing. Major organizations including Amazon India and Flipkart, among others, offer excellent affiliate marketing programs. They offer between two and 24 percent commission on the stuff you sell through affiliate marketing links on your website.
  • Freelancing: India has the world’s second-highest population of white-collar freelancers- about 16 million people. Freelancing allows housewives to work at flexible hours and offer digital marketing services to third parties.

There are several career options available for areas where a housewife wishes to specialize in digital marketing. Since it’s a collection of processes, you can select any that suits your needs and lifestyle.

2. Helping Your Hubby

If you’re married to a businessman or entrepreneur, making a career as a digital marketer can help boost your household income exponentially.

Nowadays, it’s imperative for every business to have a strong online presence. As Microsoft founder Bill Gates says: “If your business is not on the Internet, soon your business will be out of business.” Bill Gates underlines the importance of businesses small and large having an online presence.

You can help your husband’s or family business grow by making a career in digital marketing. An excellent course usually provides a free website and trains you how to design it. You can use these skills to create a website for your family business too.

And creating an excellent website isn’t enough: it needs to be promoted to gain top rankings on Google search. That’s possible only by performing digital marketing processes on the website. Hence, a housewife becomes an active partner in the husband’s business.

3. Monetizing Your Passion

All women have a hobby or passion. For some, it could be cooking exotic dishes while for others it can be painting or creating handicrafts.  Such skills are in great demand. If you have such passions and hobbies, digital marketing makes it easy to monetize them.

Once you complete an excellent digital marketing course, it’s possible to open your own channel on YouTube, the world’s single-largest video sharing platform. You can tutor people on how to cook or learn your special skills by creating videos and uploading on your channel.

Resources such as Google AdSense allow you to earn money from your YouTube channel once you have a specific number of likes and subscribers. And you can earn a real lot of money from your YouTube channel by posting relevant, interesting videos.

There are thousands of celebrity YouTuber women that are making millions of dollars every year by teaching simple skills. Such skills include make-up, cooking, teaching martial arts, self-defense, Yoga, Do-It-Yourself techniques for various things, fitness and myriad others.

4. Supplementing Family Income

Often, a single source of income is insufficient to meet a growing family’s needs. We’re all aware of inflation and its severity as well as its impact on our daily lives.

A growing family with two children has definitely more strains on its income due to education costs and higher living expenses.

Digital marketing allows housewives to augment or supplement their household income without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Since digital marketing can be done round-the-clock, housewives can easily make enough money during their spare time through blogging, YouTube, providing digital marketing services and freelancing.

Once again, the investment in such a venture is very low, you just need a good computer and high-speed reliable Internet connection. And the income would definitely be high enough to meet those growing needs and necessities of your family.

5. Migrating Abroad

Usually, Indian men that migrate to foreign countries for work and residency take their families along.

Hence, the husband has a job while the wife is forced to leave her and accompany the hubby. It’s not always easy for new migrants to settle in foreign lands since it involves tremendous expenses.

And a working housewife wouldn’t find it easy to relaunch her career in a distant country. In fact, some countries don’t allow women to work without special clearances from their government.

An excellent digital marketing course prepares a housewife to get as many as 12 to 15 international certifications.

And these certifications are from Internet majors including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Hubspot, and others. Having these international certifications means a housewife is already qualified to work in a foreign country. She can jumpstart her career almost immediately.

Or, a housewife can do digital marketing from home and earn a decent amount of money to increase the family’s net income.

Digital marketing is a skill that has global relevance. Hence, as a housewife, your skills wouldn’t be redundant even in a foreign country.

6. Relaunching New Career

A housewife that’s already left employment can actually relaunch a new career with a topmost company upon successful completion of a digital marketing course and internship.

India’s booming ecommerce industry and supporting companies alone require over two million digital marketers by the year 2022.

The scope for employment in other major sectors such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), travel and tourism, healthcare, pharmaceuticals among others, isn’t even included in this figure.

Hence, the number of digital marketing professionals that India needs can be as high as five to six million by 2022.

With the digitalization of government services, banking and finance industry and other key sectors, the scope for digital marketing professionals in India is only imaginable.

It’s tremendous. Therefore, any housewife wanting to relaunch a career should consider digital marketing actively.

7. Higher Social Status

Working as a digital marketer fulltime, part-time, freelance or as entrepreneur, blogger or YouTuber has a distinct advantage.

It definitely increases your social status immensely. And that’s something that would definitely attract any housewife. Digital marketing is the only field that allows you to become a super-heroine or celebrity with your blogs and YouTube channels. Here you can take a live example of Pritam Nagrale, India’s topmost blogger and successful digital marketer who achieved higher social status in this digital world.

Furthermore, extra income, leading to a better lifestyle and enough money to save for future needs brings overall security to a housewife.

You don’t have to worry about the loss of income of a breadwinner or other reasons. Since digital marketing can be done with flexible work hours, you also have adequate time to socialize- something that all housewives love.

8. Countering Untoward Circumstances

Housewives that don’t work and depend upon their husband’s income are at very high risk. If the sole breadwinner passes away due to any reason, a housewife and her children will be left at the mercy of relatives.

Getting life insurance payout after a husband’s demise is fine, but the money doesn’t last a lifetime. Nor is it sufficient to provide for the needs of survivors such as higher education of children.

The same holds true if a husband suffers a disability of any kind and becomes incapable of any gainful work.

In such situations, a digital marketing career proves very helpful. A housewife that knows and practices digital marketing has her own source of high income. Hence, she needn’t depend upon relatives, insurance pay-outs and other charity.

9. Divorce Woes

Divorce rates in India have doubled over the past two decades, finds a study by none other than the United Nations. Though only 1.1 percent of Indian women are divorced, the figure is likely to grow, the report warns.

Severing a marital relationship also impacts a woman financially. Regardless of whether the woman is a working or non-working housewife. It entails paradigm change in lifestyle and can lead to unnecessary dependence upon relatives and savings.

Such an unfortunate financial dependency can best be avoided by choosing a career in digital marketing.

An affected woman can work from home or launch own enterprise and offer digital marketing services. The income would be more than adequate to meet any financial needs and maintain a proper lifestyle.

10. Avoiding Long, Stressful Commutes

It’s no secret that working housewives in India have to take long and stressful daily commutes between home and workplace. In cities such as Mumbai, a typical two-way commute that includes bus, local trains or both takes away at least two hours of a woman’s time.

Working housewives that also need to perform domestic tasks can avoid these commutes and work from home after completing an excellent digital marketing course.

Since digital marketing is a collection of processes that can be easily done online using a good computer and reliable, high-speed Internet. Hence, working housewives can trade their existing career for a new, profitable one in digital marketing.

Wrap Up

These are the topmost reasons why a housewife should consider a career in digital marketing. Instead of allowing your education, skills, and talent to go waste or lie under-utilized, digital marketing helps you revive them and make money comfortably.

Millions of housewives, single moms as well as some retirees are doing digital marketing for income and to keep themselves busy. Digital marketing has tremendous scope in India and you too can be a part of it. An excellent digital marketing training course can be done part-time, on weekends too. This means you don’t have to take away time from your family and household duties or disrupt routine job. Skills you learn can be practiced from home or any location.

Look for a training institute like DMatic Digital whose faculty includes renowned bloggers of India and other highly experienced trainers.



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