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Why Digital Marketing Career Is The Best Option?

We live in an era where thousands of fresh graduates from management, engineering, medicine, and other specialty fields face the gloomy prospect of unemployment. There are numerous studies and news reports that prove this fact.

Then we have thousands of graduates from Arts, Commerce and Science streams that are forced to take underpaid jobs because they lack any specific skills that a present day, tech-savvy companies can effectively use.

Reasons for this Debacle

Whether it’s the education system of India or other factors that are to blame is highly debatable.

However, unemployment patterns and working for lower pay all point to one thing: that students nowadays don’t follow trends and instead, rush for traditionally favorite, prestigious sounding courses.

The result can be disastrous. Often, a fresher leaves college or university with huge debt in the form of education loan. Inability to get well-paid jobs means the loan burden passes on to parents. Indian society has scant respect for the unemployed and most fresh graduates become butts of jokes and ridicule. To avoid such humiliation, they take underpaying jobs.

I don’t wish to sound like a doomsday prophet but this is a stark reality of modern India.

Fortunately, you can avoid falling into this vicious trap simply by following current job market trends.

That’s where digital marketing comes in. It’s a trending career in India that any fresh graduate can consider.

Career in Digital Marketing

You would surely ask, why digital marketing? To answer your question, just look around. You’ll see digital marketing practically everywhere.

You can order anything from a sandwich to drone simply by clicking a few buttons on a smartphone app.

Or you can invest millions of Rupees on stock markets or property, buy insurance and Mutual Funds, sell or trade-in your used bike- all using a computer or smartphone and without visiting an office or store.

All these facilities are now possible due to digital marketing. These businesses popularize themselves and get customers through digital marketing.

If you’ve noticed, the number of businesses that are marking a presence online is increasing by the day. This proves that digital marketing in India is on upswing and the trend will continue for years to come.

So, wouldn’t you rather make a career in this growing field than remain unemployed or work on poorly paid jobs?

If you aren’t yet convinced about digital marketing career, here’s some facts that might help.

Facts about Digital Marketing

These facts should help you decide to make your next career move to digital marketing. In fact, shifting careers to digital marketing is simple, practical, enjoyable and above all, very profitable.

  • E-commerce alone in India will generate about a million jobs by 2022. This will support over 20 million small and medium enterprises to build their businesses, says PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
  • There’s a vast choice of excellent digital marketing courses in India from the best institutes. You can choose between fulltime courses that involve daily classroom study, online courses or weekend courses if you are already working somewhere.
  • Usually, digital marketing courses in India are of three to four months duration only. Means, you can make your career move to digital marketing within a very short span of time.
  • Minimum eligibility for a digital marketing course is Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent. In some cases, training institutes also enroll students that have completed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and are pursuing higher studies.
  • You can become a digital marketer even if you are an engineer, doctor or management graduate. Skills you learn from a digital marketing course are suitable for every professional who wants to promote their business or personal blog.
  • There are no complicated entrance exams to qualify for a digital marketing course.
  • A good digital marketing course will earn you at least five international certifications from topmost organizations of the world including Google and Facebook. These certifications can help you get a job with any large corporation in India.
  • When you learn digital marketing, you also acquire skills to launch own start-up enterprise and offer services to smaller businesses that wish to mark an online presence.
  • And if you prefer a typical 9-5 job, digital marketing offers various options. Digital marketing consists of several processes. Hence, you can specialize in one or two and take a suitable job.
  • The minimum digital marketing salary for fresher starts from Rs.15,000 per month. Some companies pay higher, depending upon your skills level. In stark contrast, regular sales or clerical job will earn you about Rs.10,000 to Rs.12,000 per month.
  • As a fresh graduate, you needn’t look for jobs too if you do an excellent digital marketing course: you can offer digital marketing services as a freelancer that has huge earning potential.
  • When you make a career move to digital marketing, you’re also opening doors to employment in foreign countries. Indian digital marketers are in great demand in the Middle East and Far East. You can eventually migrate to USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or European countries after gaining sufficient experience.

As you can see, your next career move into digital marketing holds several excellent benefits that no other profession can offer.

And that’s not all. Here’s more.

Job, Freelance & Business Opportunities in Digital Marketing

I’ll discuss more about job, freelance and business opportunities to help you understand why your next career move should be in digital marketing.


Microsoft founder, Bill Gates famously said: “If your business is not on the Internet then your business will soon be out of business.”

This idea has gone down very well with every business in India.

Hence, you can find jobs with topmost banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry, aerospace and aviation sector, food, beverages & hospitality field and almost everywhere.


India has a thriving Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector. These businesses require digital marketing services but cannot afford to hire full-time staff for the purpose.

Instead, you can help these businesses grow to their fullest potential by offering digital marketing services as a freelancer.

And you don’t need any large infrastructure for this. A good computer with necessary software and reliable Internet connection as well as digital marketing skills is sufficient. You can operate from home by working flexible hours.


Thanks to Skills India and Digital India initiatives of the Indian government, you can also launch own business and offer digital marketing services to local and foreign clients.

Maybe you are unaware: You can avail of startup loans under Digital India and Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank schemes.

With proper documents and skills, you can seek as much as Rs.10 million loan under MUDRA scheme.

There’s a huge market for outsourced digital marketing services in India since the field is relatively new and there are few providers. Hence, supply doesn’t match the huge demand.

Final Thoughts

And if you’re looking for prestige in your profession, like most Indians usually do, then here’s the greatest news for you.

A digital marketing career is highly respected. You’ll be considered as a “techie,” which is a very desirable tag among fresh graduates nowadays.

I’m confident these facts will help you understand why your next career move should be in digital marketing. It’s trending, it’s profitable and without doubt, very prestigious.



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  1. The Indian Government through its program”Digital India” is giving a massive boost to Digitalise India and create employment opportunities in India and abroad. I am not a spokesman for the Indian Government but such initiatives are necessary to make India more competitive in the world.

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