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Not Just Jobs, Digital Marketing Can Give You Many Career Choices

Why does one study? To earn money and live a decent lifestyle of course. Completing any course open doors to a career or profession. This translates as income that supports your lifestyle.

However, there are very few highly versatile courses that offer you several career choice. Digital marketing is one such course that gives you many career choices.

Examples of Other Courses

Let’s take some examples. If you graduate as a doctor, there’re two choices: to work for a clinic, hospital or pharmaceuticals company or open own practice. At best, you could open a pharmacy using your academic credentials.

An engineer would also have to work for someone or become a consultant upon gaining adequate experience. Or they can provide some work on a freelance basis.

Graduates from streams such as Arts, Commerce and Science can take any jobs. However, they won’t be able to open own business purely on the merit of their qualifications. Nor can they work as consultants and freelancers without any special skills.

And that’s where digital marketing is different. You can get many choices in digital marketing career, each more exciting than the other.

Digital Marketing Career Choices

Usually, every digital marketing course has six months to one year duration. Anyone that’s completed Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent and has basic computer and Internet skills qualifies for a digital marketing course.

Currently, there aren’t any entrance exams for digital marketing, though the scenario may change if the Indian government so decides.

Almost 95% of digital marketing training institutes focuses on just 1 career choice i.e. jobs in digital marketing.

But there are very few training centers like us (DMatic Digital) where you can focus on several career choices after completing your course. The main reason we can train you for other careers is, we have trainers from a wide range of careers.

Now, what exactly are your digital marketing career choices upon completion of a training or course in digital marketing? Here they are.

Regular Employment

This is a very obvious digital marketing career choice for most of the people who join a digital marketing course.

A course in digital marketing allows you to take a regular nine-to-five job with any good employer.  It’s a myth that only online stores or ecommerce businesses need digital marketers.

In fact, thousands of digital marketers are necessary to drive Digital India and other online governance initiatives of the Indian government.

Furthermore, there’s immense scope for digital marketers in India’s gigantic Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector of India. Because banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies are all migrating to the digital platform for everything from customer education to high value financial transactions.

Similarly, the huge travel, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, consumer products industries of India also require digital marketers to create, promote and maintain their brand presence online.

Hence, you can find excellent jobs with these and more sectors if you do a digital marketing course from any superb institute and learn the necessary set of skills to become a digital marketing professional.


India is home to over 15 million freelancers. In fact, the country has the second largest number of freelancers worldwide. Only USA with some 53 million freelancers ranks at No-1 currently.

Freelancing is a growing trend in India since it holds several benefits. You can work for several top companies as an individual contractor.

Additionally, freelancing allows you to work from home or any other location of choice. You also enjoy very flexible work hours and it eliminates the need to commute daily between home and office.

Studies in India reveal that freelancers earn exponentially more than regular, office-going workers. With real estate prices soaring skywards in India, companies will increasingly look at outsourcing freelancers for various tasks.

With a good digital marketing course and necessary skills, you can join India’s gig economy by becoming a freelance digital marketing offering services to many companies.

And digital marketing qualifications combined with great skills can help you work part-time to earn a side income too. This is one of the best digital marketing career option which suits to everyone.

Own Startup

You can also launch own startup upon completion of an excellent digital marketing course and acquiring proper skills. The startup would offer services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that wish to mark their presence on the Internet.

In fact, a digital marketing startup doesn’t even require an office or much investment. An excellent computer with high-speed, reliable Internet connection will suffice. And a little more to subscribe for a couple of paid digital marketing tools.

Ecommerce in India is on the rise. Digital advertising is growing at a rate of 32 percent per annum. And PricewaterhouseCoopers says India will need over two million digital marketers by 2022. If you’re qualified and have enough experience, you can offer digital marketing services.

In fact, there are projections that India will face a skills gap in digital marketing. Meaning, the demand for digital marketers will be far greater than the number of qualified persons available. In such situations, companies usually outsource services from startups.


Blogging is yet another career choice that digital marketing offers. In fact, blogging can be about anything that you’re passionate about. It doesn’t have to do with your educational qualifications. You can blog about anything from movies to politics, sports to the latest mobile phones.

For blogging, you’ll require only a good computer and high speed Internet connection. A little investment would be necessary to buy a great domain name and website hosting to create a perfect blog. And of course, your writing and presentation skills matter.

There’re several celebrity bloggers in India and abroad. Pritam Nagrale is a top Indian blogger whose monthly income runs over Rs.1.5 million from blogging. Bloggers make money from various sources, affiliate marketing etc.

However, alongside excellent writing skills, bloggers also need to possess sound knowledge of digital marketing. That’ll help them promote their blog and gain more followers. Should you learn digital marketing, it’s possible to open your own blog and make money from home.

Digital Marketing Trainer

There’s a shortage of experienced digital marketing trainers in India. That’s because the industry is just becoming popular. Despite later arrival in India, digital marketing industry itself is growing by over 30 percent per annum according to various figures.

You can work either fulltime or part-time as digital marketing trainer for an established institute or launch your own classes. There is a tremendous shortage of digital marketing training institutes in smaller cities and towns of India. At the same time, there is tremendous interest among the millennial generation to learn digital marketing.

Vlogger or YouTuber

Heard of PewDiePie? His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a citizen of Sweden. PewDiePie is a YouTube channel he operates.

According to the latest news, PewDiePie’s net worth is estimated at US$20 million. In fact, he’s counted among the youngest millionaires of the world. How did Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie get so rich?

By vlogging. Actually, vlogging is video blogging. PewDiePie makes videos about Minecraft and other games and shows players how to win them. PewDiePie has over 99 million subscribers and is the most famous YouTube channel in the world.

The only thing PewDiePie does is follows his passion of playing video and computer games. He presents hacks and tricks in the form of commentaries that are highly enjoyable. You too can open a free YouTube channel and become a vlogger.

However, vlogging or opening a free channel on YouTube isn’t enough. You’ll need to promote it to gain maximum number of subscriptions and viewers.

To do so, you’ll need digital marketing skills. And these skills are available only through a good digital marketing course. Hence, vlogging is one more career option after you learn digital marketing.

Affiliate Marketer

This is another lucrative career in Digital Marketing. Usually, you need a blog or website to work on affiliate marketing. All major companies including Amazon, Flipkart, vCommission, and eBay offer affiliate marketing partnerships.

All you need to do is sign up on the websites of these giant online stores as affiliate marketers. Once your registration is successful, you can create links to various products listed by Amazon, Flipkart and other companies and provide them on your blog.

Becoming an affiliate marketer isn’t that easy. You’ll need a blog and get some following. And the affiliate marketing links have to be inserted on your content.

Making money through affiliate marketing also requires excellent digital marketing skills. And if you gain digital marketing skills, it’s very easy to become a full-time affiliate marketer and make lots of money.


You’ll most likely never have heard of dropshipping or career as dropshipper. Actually, it’s fairly simple. You’ll sell specific products from large companies to customers in India.

These companies advertise their goods on websites such as and And they’ll sell you their stuff at very bargain rates.

All you’ve to do is sell this stuff through your own website without disclosing it’s coming from a dropshipping source. You can add a generous commission or profit margin to the product price, since you’ll be getting it cheap.

Whenever a customer places an order, you buy the stuff online from the supplier and make the payment. In this way, you retain the profits. The supplier ships the stuff to the customer. Hence, you don’t need to worry about logistics.

In fact, some suppliers also allow you to personally brand your products. This means, you can create and sell your own range of stuff through dropshipping. It’s a very profitable business that’s growing rapidly in USA and elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

As I have just shown, there’re unlimited digital marketing career choices once you learn it from a training center or on your own. Even if you choose regular employment, it’s possible to select specific digital marketing platforms like SEO, SMO, Analytics, PPC etc. where you would like to specialize.

A digital marketing career is highly respected. You’ll be considered as a “techie,” which is a very desirable tag among fresh graduates nowadays. Even political parties need digital marketers to ensure their manifesto and achievements reach the right audiences.

Unlike any other course, digital marketing opens doors to immense wealth. However, you need the right skills. And these skills can be learned only from an excellent digital marketing training institute like DMatic Digital.



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