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Benefits of content writing

6 Benefits Of Learning Content Writing

Content, they say, is the king of the blog. Or for that matter, any website in the world. If your content is attractive, you’ll find thousands and possibly millions of followers. Also, you can’t perform any digital marketing processes on any website unless there’s content.

Therefore, you can easily understand the importance of learning content writing.

In fact, any digital marketing course that doesn’t teach you to write excellent content on your own is an absolute waste of money.

But if you know to write content, you can make a lot of money by understanding only some basic details or even nothing about digital marketing. That would depend upon whom you’re writing for.

Given these facts, let’s look at some facts about the importance of content writing for everyone and not merely digital marketing students. 

Importance of Content Writing

Before I explain the importance of content writing, let’s understand why content is important. Blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, ecommerce portals and myriad other sources of information require content.

In brief, content is information. And this information leads to the thought that generates into emotions and culminates as action.

People read a blog, visit a website, buy newspapers and magazines to get this information. Because it helps them lead better lives and can help avoid dangers.

Hence, the below factors will clearly highlight the importance of learning content writing.

6 Benefits of Learning Content Writing

Content is not merely the king of the blog. In fact, content is the king of several other things, as I mentioned above. Videos, podcasts, radio broadcasts, street-side hoardings, and other such media all deliver content. Hence, it’s important to learn content writing.

Content Writing Makes You Rich

Regardless of whether you own a blog or don’t own a blog, content writing makes you rich. However, learning content writing and having a blog or website makes you richer.

If you know how to write excellent content, you can work fulltime or part-time or even as a freelance content writer. Visit websites such as and You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the demand for content from people around the world.

And if you’re looking for a fulltime job, search portals such as and among others. Here too you’ll find countless listings for content writer positions at all types of organizations.

Digital Marketing Becomes Easier

If you own a blog and learn content writing, it’s possible to become very rich as well as famous. Most of the famous bloggers in India that have a wide following learned content writing. That’s because millions of people around the world appreciate their writing.  

Also, content writing helps you save lots of money you would otherwise have to pay others to get articles for your blog or website.

Performing digital marketing processes becomes a lot easier when you learn content writing. For example, you can easily find a niche that suits your hobbies or profession to create a blog or website.

And using that niche, it’s easier to find keywords and phrases that would help your content to get top rankings on Google and other search engines.

Digital marketing teaches you how to look for specific keywords and phrases that have the highest number of searches worldwide or at some location. Content writing teaches you how to blend these keywords and phrases into the article.

For example, if you’re learning digital marketing, one of the things you’ll learn is on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When you run the Yoast SEO Readability Test on your content, you’ll come across some glitches on the article. This can include too many or too few transition words, long sentences, long paragraphs and lots more.

When you learn content writing, you can immediately rectify these glitches and ensure your article scores high on the readability test.

Content Writing Prevents Legal Problems

The importance of learning content writing is also highlighted by the fact that you can avoid legal problems. How’s that you might wonder. In several ways actually.

Firstly, you can create original content and avoid any charges of plagiarism or using someone else’s copyrighted article. Secondly, you’ll know if another content writer is bluffing or making mistakes when they provide an article for publishing on your website.

Furthermore, learning content writing enables you to avoid language or words that can be objectionable to some community or group. And it will help you detect any grammatical and factual errors in copies any other writers submit.

This is especially important for a website since some articles can contain false claims or sensitive words that can land you in legal trouble.

Acquiring Research Skills

Learning content writing means you’re also learning how to research into various topics. Since you’ll write the content, it is obvious you’ll look for the best available information. Hence, you’ll go through several websites to find correct and verifiable information for your article.

That’s because content writing teaches you to be responsible. Every content writer is responsible for the article and people that read the content. Therefore, you’ll look for information only from the most credible sources.

As a result of extensive research, your general knowledge also increases. As you learn newer things every day, it’s also easy to find topics for fresh content.

In fact, you can get a lead over other bloggers and websites by finding researching into trends and writing content if it’s relevant for your readers or niche.

Creativity Comes from Content Writing

When you learn content writing, you’re also learning how to be creative. That is, how to maintain the interest of your readers throughout the article. It is a skill that’s extremely useful for bloggers. Google and other search engines have something known as ‘bounce rates.’

That means, if a visitor to your content leaves almost immediately without reading the article fully, Google counts it as a ‘bounce’. Hence, your blog or website starts losing ranking.

Creative writing helps you put interesting facts and figures and create content in a manner that the reader feels happy to read your article completely. And write a comment too. These comments are useful since they send up your Google rankings.

Often, reader feedback helps you generate new ideas. It helps you engage readers. And engaging readers leads to increasing loyalty for your blog and website.

Improving Your Vocabulary

Another importance of content writing is seen from the fact that it helps improve your vocabulary.

Here I’m not speaking about using high language that would make a reader search for a dictionary. Instead, using proper vocabulary means explaining something in the simplest possible language to the widest possible audience.

Generally, all bloggers and website owners try and comply with something known as Flesch English Readability Score. This means, your content should be so easy that even an 11-year old or Grade-4 student can understand what you’re saying.

In fact, government notices and documents, financial papers and everything else in the USA have to comply with the Flesh English readability score. Therefore, learning content writing helps improve vocabulary to write in compliance with Flesch.

Wrap Up

Usually, an excellent digital marketing course will include superb modules on content writing. Content writing is very useful also to create Facebook and social media posts to promote your website or blog. Therefore, it is very important to learn content writing for several reasons.



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  1. Ratneshwar Prasad Sinha

    All post are excellent mindblowing presentation. I like it.
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    Dr. Ratneshwar Prasad Sinha

  2. This is a very different and interesting article. After reading this, anyone can understand why writing is such an important skill to possess, irrespective of one’s industry and role. Yes, these points are true as I am also seeing an improvement in my creativity levels. As a budding content writer, I need to polish my research skills a lot though.

    Good job Sanket!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post pritam sir.This is a very interesting article.And also your youtube channel love too.

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