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Discover the Game-Changing Method of Affiliate Marketing in 2023. Make Money on Autopilot using Cutting-Edge AI Tools like ChatGPT. No Selling Needed. Do it even without a website and Investment.

Do you realize that numerous bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers derive a significant portion of their income from affiliate marketing?

And did you know that there are countless individuals who are earning a substantial income from affiliate marketing without any blog, YouTube channel, or social media platform? What’s even more exciting is that many of these marketers do this without ever showing their faces or revealing their identities.

Such is the potency of Affiliate Marketing – a booming industry consistently showing growth for over two decades. Traditional affiliate marketing involves a website and the selling of products or services in exchange for commission.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to earn from affiliate marketing without selling or even having a website?

What if we told you that you could automate the entire process using cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT?

Yes, this is not just a possibility, but a reality with CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing. In CPA marketing, instead of earning a commission from sales, you get paid for a specific action – a form submit, a sign-up, a download, and so on. It’s a game-changer in the world of affiliate marketing and with our course, you can master it.

Welcome to the world of Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Marketing – the game-changing method that eliminates the need for selling or even owning a website!

>> Meet Your Dedicated Affiliate Coach >>

Hi, I’m Pritam Nagrale, founder of DMatic Digital, India’s leading digital marketing training academy. With over 200,000 followers on YouTube, & other social networks and millions of blog readers, I’ve been featured on popular YouTube channels, radio shows, and news sites, sharing my expertise in digital marketing. 

I’ve helped countless students and businesses, including Fortune 500 company achieve their digital marketing goals.

I embarked on my affiliate marketing journey back in 2004, and it has transformed my life. In 2005, I played a pivotal role in bringing awareness to affiliate marketing in India and trained over 25,000 students in 2005.

But, like you, I had no experience in selling or creating a website. Through rigorous research and persistence, I discovered the power of CPA marketing – and I’ve never looked back.

In 2023, I’m still making an excellent income through CPA marketing. But in 2023, I discovered a secret method after spending 5 months on AI and ChatGPT.  This method will help you automate the entire process of CPA affiliate marketing using the incredible power of ChatGPT.

Now, this ‘secret method’ is no longer exclusive to me. You too can generate income on autopilot using this strategy. Join me in this mission to harness the power of affiliate marketing and secure financial freedom in this unpredictable world. Embark on your journey to success today!

Pritam Nagrale

See For Yourself: Income Proof from My Own Success with Various CPA Offers

CPA Money Proof
CPA Money Payment Proof
CPA Money Payment Proof

Discover the Big Opportunities of Affiliate Marketing in India: Your Success Journey Begins Now

Did you know that for every 100 affiliate marketers, about 57 are from the United States, around 10 are from Canada, and only 2 are from India? Even though India has a big population of 1.4 billion, we don’t have as many affiliate marketers.

This made me ask: why aren’t there more affiliate marketers in India, even though more people know about it? I want to change this. My goal is to help at least 1 million Indians become successful affiliate marketers by 2025.

Welcome to CPA Money: Your Best Guide to Learn Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for 18 years. People often tell me that I’m good at making complicated topics easy to understand. That’s why I made CPA Money – a detailed, step-by-step course that teaches you everything about affiliate marketing in a simple way.

This course is full of valuable tips, strategies, and secrets I’ve learned during my career. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer in India, this course is perfect for you.

Affordable Learning for Everyone: Discover Your Abilities with CPA Money

I believe that everyone should have the chance to learn without spending a lot of money. That’s why CPA Money is priced to be affordable for everyone. Now is the time to start your success journey.

Pritam Nagrale CPA Money

Ready to be one of the successful affiliate marketers in 2023? Join CPA Money today and start changing your future.

Who can attend this course:-

CPA Money Course Structure:

Module 1

Understanding The CPA Networks

1. Course Introduction
2. CPA Marketing Explained
3. 3 Business Models of CPA Marketing
4. Learn About Different CPA Networks
5. Signup & Approval in CPA Networks
6. Understand the Dashboard of CPA Networks

Understanding The CPA Networks

6 lessons - Time: 47 Minute
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Module 2

Researching The Best CPA Offers

1. Researching & Finding the Best CPA Offers
2. Getting Affiliate Tracking Link & Using Smartly
3. Different CPA Search Engines

Researching The Best CPA Offers

3 lessons - Time: 38 Minute
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Module 3

Researching Your Top Competitors

1. Researching your Organic and Paid Competitors

Researching Your Top Competitors

1 lesson - Time: 19 min 20 sec
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Module 4

Methods To Promote Without Website

1. Using Medium & Best Strategies
2. How to Use Pinterest with & w/o websites for CPA
3. Promoting through YouTube
4. Other methods

Methods To Promote Without Website

4 lessons - Time: 58 min
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Module 5

Promoting Through Micro Niche Sites

1. Selecting CPA Niche & Offer for Micro Niche Site
2. Setup Domain & Hosting for Micro Niche
3. Types of Content to Target in CPA-Based Micro Niche Site
4. Basics of SEO for CPA-Niche Website
5. Growing Your Earning of CPA-Based Niche Site

Promoting Through Micro Niche Sites

5 lessons - Time: 64 min
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Module 6

Promoting CPA Offers With Paid Ads

1. Bemob Setup
2. Using Propeller Ads to Promote CPA Offers​

Promoting CPA Offers With Paid Ads

2 lessons - Time: 31 min 2 sec
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Module 7

Results And Real Examples

1. Case Studies - Live Dashboards & Exact Offers

Results And Real Examples

1 lesson - Time: 10 min 12 sec
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Module 8

Automating CPA Affiliate Marketing with AI Tools

1. Finding Most Profitable CPA offers in Minutes.
2. Creating High-Quality Affiliate Content at 10X Speed
2. Simplifying Keyword Research using ChatGPT
3. Creating High Converting Text and Video ads

Automating CPA Affiliate Marketing with AI Tools

1 lesson - Time: 50 min 12 sec
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an excellent course for people who want to start affiliate marketing. Here you will learn everything about CPA affiliate marketing. What is CPA marketing, how to join a CPA Network, different ways to promote affiliate offers and how to use AI tools such as ChatGPT to simplify the entire process.

CPA means cost per action or cost per acquisition. Here you make money when you promote offers to interested users and when a user completes a simple action such as free signup, download, installation or even a free trial.

This is an excellent course for a beginner or even an advanced affiliate. This course covers everything from basics to advanced skills. Affiliate marketing is the most demanding skill on the internet, and everyone should learn this skill.

While we don’t offer a refund policy, we do have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We believe in the quality of our products and services, and we stand behind them with this commitment to your satisfaction.

We’re confident that you’ll love what we have to offer, and we’re here to work with you if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied.

Affiliate marketing can be seen as an online business opportunity that has the potential to grow rapidly with wise investments. In this course, we have covered various methods, strategies, and techniques that can help you kickstart your CPA affiliate marketing journey without having to spend any money upfront. These valuable insights can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize your profits and create a sustainable business model. With our expert guidance, you can learn how to leverage affiliate marketing and achieve success while minimizing risks and costs.

Yes. Dmatic Digital will issue a Certificate of Completion to all students that complete the course.

While it’s true that you can find a lot of information for free on YouTube, it’s important to remember that when something is free online, you’re often the product being sold. In contrast, this course has been designed by someone with 18 years of experience in affiliate marketing, providing you with reliable and valuable insights that you can trust.

Many YouTubers simply copy information from unreliable sources, which can lead to incorrect or incomplete information. With this course, you can be confident that you’re receiving high-quality, comprehensive information that has been tested and proven in the industry.

The course is 8 hours long, covering everything from beginner to advanced topics in affiliate marketing. Even if you could find this information on YouTube, it would take at least a month of searching to gather all the information and ensure that it’s reliable. When you consider that our course is priced at only INR 495, it’s clear that it’s a valuable investment that can save you time, money, and frustration.

This course is in English and explained in a very simple language, so you can understand this even if you have basic knowledge of English. This course is also available in Hindi. In case, you want the Hindi course, you can contact our support team and they will provide you with the access to the Hindi course.