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4th July

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Master The Art of
Content Writing

Learn to write superb, engaging and profitable content for your blog, websites, social media posts, emails and lots more from Ashwin Honawar, Journalist & Blogger.

 As it is popularly said…. Content is the King.

In this course I’ll teach you how to write excellent content which readers love to READ & SHARE.

Quality of Content defines success and failure of your blog, website, affiliate marketing posts, social media marketing  & other campaigns.

 Become a pro in Content Writing & make your dreams come true by opening a successful blog, working fulltime or freelance or opening own business. 

Welcome to Content Writing Mastery from Ashwin Honawar.

Ashwin Honawar is a successful journalist, blogger & speaker having over 28-years of experience in several foreign countries and India.
He’s worked at various positions at newspapers, news
portals and TV channels in different capacities and held important positons.

I believe that content should be simple to appeal to a vast majority. 

Therefore, I use a unique, easy-to-understand technique that helps you gain mastery in content writing.

You don’t need a powerful vocabulary or extraordinary skills to become a content writer, if you learn from the right person. I help you enjoy the art of content creation and monetize it swiftly.

Why Learn Content Writing ?

Scope of Content Writing

Evergreen Career​


Do you want to become a blogger? If so, then content writing is a must have skill for you. It is the content that will help you to create a successful BLOG.


Affiliate Marketing

In order to become a successful Affiliate Marketer you need to write engaging content which compels users to take a certain action.



You can also work fulltime or freelance as CONTENT WRITER OR CONTENT EDITOR for Indian & Foreign Websites


Evergreen Career

Content Writing is Recession Proof & Retirement Proof career for all people. Once you learn content writing it will help you for a lifetime.



Content writers can also become successful authors and create, sell ebooks.



You can start your own content writing Business and provide superb content to client.

What You'll Learn ?

Who Should Join ?

Learning Path

  1. Origins & Sources of Content
  2. Principles of Content Writing
  3. Rules & Regulations for Content
  4. Different Types of Content
  5. Understanding Your Audience
  6. Importance of Content
  1. Creating Meaningful Headlines
  2. Using Subheadings on Your Content
  3. Writing Killer Introduction to Content
  4. Different Ways to Write & Structure Your Content
  5. Best Practices for Writing Affiliate Marketing Content
  6. Writing Content for Maximum Engagement
  1. Importance of Research for Content
  2. Advanced Research Techniques for Content Writing
  3. Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Content
  4. How to Avoid Mistakes and Blunders in Content Writing?
  5. Specialized Content Writing for Focus Groups & Nationalities
  6. Writing Exercises
  1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  2. Using Emotional Intelligence to Write Content
  3. Skills to Create Content that People Want to Read
  4. Writing Actionable Content that Helps Readers
  5. Detecting Content that can Harm Your Website
  6. Advanced Content Editing Skills
  1. Use of SEO Techniques for Content
  2. Advanced Keyword Research Skills
  3. Google’s Standards for Keyword Use in Content Writing
  4. Understanding Metrics that Google Uses to Rank your Content
  5. On Page Editing of Your Content with Yoast SEO
  6. Keywords for Headlines, Subheads and Content Body
  1. Make Content Your Brand Ambassador
  2. Authoritative Content Sources You Can Use
  3. Moderating & Responding to Comments
  4. Updating Your Content & Techniques
  5. Overcoming Writer’s Block and Hurdles in Content Writing
  6. Content Writing Exercises

Yes! I'm ready to be an excellent content writer

Content Writing MasterClass

4 week Online Content Writing Course by Ashwin Honawar
  • 16 hours of High Quality Video lessons
  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions
  • Access to Our private Group
Best Seller

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Content writing is the art & science of communicating information in the form of text for use on websites, scripts for videos and audios.
Content writing is an evergreen career that anyone with basic writing skills- from school student to retiree, housewife to businessperson, professional to ordinary worker can learn.
Content writing is a skill that helps give wings to your thoughts, passions, professional expertise or even fiction.
Yes. We will send you a link that allows you to replay the lecture just once.

But, You can learn better with live classes.

This is done to ensure you get maximum benefit from our course.
However, you cannot share this link with others or make personal recordings. Therefore, we suggest you
take notes during every lecture.
Anyone who has completed SSC and above education and has reasonable English skills can become a Content Writer.
Our course also teaches you to write content in regional languages, though the medium of instruction is English.
This course is open for everyone from school students to senior citizens, housewives, businesspersons,
professionals, hobbyists and people who wish to make money on the side.
There’re ample opportunities in India & abroad because content is always in demand.
You can start own blog, become affiliate marketer with extra training, work as Content Writer or Content Editor with a company, launch own start-up to provide
content to Indian and foreign clients or work as Freelancer.
Yes. Every person has inborn skills for communicating with others.
Our course teaches you how to fine-tune your communication skills to create text, video and
audio content.
Lessons are simple and easy to understand. The basics of content remain the same though platforms for text, audio and video content are different. Our Lead Trainers will equip you with all skills to become a Content Writer.
Our Lead Trainers will give you two home-based assignments on Content Writing during the course. Checking these assignments isn’t possible since the course is online.
However, we will equip you with resources to self-assess the quality of your content.
There will also be two (2) live Question & Answer sessions during the course for you to directly interact with the trainers and solve doubts.
Unfortunately, we’re unable to refund the course fees since they’re paid in advance to our Lead Trainers to conduct the session and also cover our operational costs of these training sessions.
Therefore, there are no refunds in full or part once you have made the payment but cannot attend or complete the course for any reason whatsoever.

If you have any other questions related to this course then please write to us at [email protected]

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Content Writing MasterClass

4 week Online Content Writing Course by Ashwin Honawar
  • 16 hours of High Quality Video lessons
  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions
  • Access to Our private Group
Best Seller