Content Writing MasterClass

Learn to write superb, engaging and profitable content for your blog, Affiliate Marketing, websites, social media posts, emails and lots more from Renowned Journalist & Blogger Ashwin Honawar.

As it is popularly said…. Content is the King.

In this course I’ll teach you how to write excellent content which readers love to READ & SHARE.

Quality of Content defines success and failure of your blog, website, affiliate marketing posts, social media marketing  & other campaigns.

 Become a pro in Content Writing & make your dreams come true by opening a successful blog, working fulltime or freelance or opening own business. 

Welcome To Content Writing Mastery From Ashwin Honawar.​

26 Hours of Live Training

20th Feb - 28th March 2021

Mode: Online Via Zoom


Why Learn Content Writing ?

Scope of Content Writing



Do you want to become a blogger? If so, then content writing is a must have skill for you. It is the content that will help you to create a successful BLOG.

affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

In order to become a successful Affiliate Marketer you need to write engaging content which compels users to take a certain action.



You can also work fulltime or freelance as CONTENT WRITER OR CONTENT EDITOR for Indian & Foreign Websites

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Evergreen Career

Content Writing is Recession Proof & Retirement Proof career for all people. Once you learn content writing it will help you for a lifetime.

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Content writers can also become successful authors and create, sell ebooks, write CVs and Resume and lots more.

online Business


You can start your own content writing Business and provide superb content to client.

What You'll Learn ?

Who Should Join ?

Meet Your Trainer

Ashwin honawar

Who is your Trainer?

Understanding this is very important if you’re serious about learning content writing for your own blog, affiliate website or to join the growing worldwide community of freelance content writers that earn thousands of Dollars every month.

Your trainer is Ashwin Honawar aka Win Honawar. He’ll be conducting the complete six weeks training program that consists of 12 modules. Additionally, Ashwin Honawar will also provide a free, bonus module about making a career as freelance content writer.

Who’s Ashwin Honawar? 

To begin with, he’s a journalist and blogger with nearly 28 years of experience in India and abroad. He is a former student of celebrity journalist Rajat Sharma, of the ‘Aap ki Adalat’ fame on India TV. 

Initially working as Corporate Communications Manager for a top medical company of India, Ashwin Honawar joined The Daily newspaper as a Trainee Reporter in 1991 at The Daily, an English language newspaper that was once famous in Mumbai, and was headed by Rajat Sharma as the Editor. At The Daily, he successfully scooped several news reports, most of them of national importance.

In 1992, Ashwin Honawar joined as a Reporter at Mid-Day, Mumbai and worked there till February 1994. During his tenure, he was promoted as Senior Reporter within a short span of one year, due to successfully breaking several news stories through hard work and dedication.

Later, he left for Qatar where he had a successful career spanning nearly two decades. He worked for top international publications, was also a regular contributor to several news agencies and TV channels.

Upon return to India in 2012, Ashwin Honawar settled in Goa where he was once the Deputy Editor at local TV channel Goa-365. He also held top positions at two topmost newspapers of Goa- The Herald and Navhind Times. Upon return to Mumbai, he was associated with Free Press Journal.

Ashwin Honawar has successfully trained various journalists in India and abroad. Though he contributes actively to newspapers and news magazines, he’s now utilizing his skills to blog and train aspiring bloggers by teaching the most important features of content writing, from his experience in India and countries around the world.

He trains aspiring bloggers and affiliate marketers using all the knowledge he’s gained over his 28 years career as a writer- both in journalism and blogging.


Today there is a Great Scope for Content Writing.

According to KPMG, there will be 700 million Internet users in India by 2021. In 2020, the demand for content rose by 33 percent, due to Covid-19 pandemic and other reasons. Income from content rose by nearly 25 percent during 2020.

  • The affiliate marketing industry is projected to grow to $12 billion by end of 2021.
  • Over 87 percent of affiliate marketer worldwide say that content is  the single most important marketing resource to generate leads and drive traffic to their websites

Training Modules

Basics of Content

Attracting Audiences to Your Content

Advanced Content Skills for Engaging Readers

Using Psychology to Create Killer Content

Creating Own Brand with Content Writing

Blending SEO and Content


Free Content Resources

Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth Rs 20,000
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Content Writing MasterClass

An Advanced 6 Weeks Online Live Training by Ashwin Honawar
  • 26+ Hours of Live Intensive Training
  • Video Recordings for Each Class
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • More pleasant Surprises
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a live training on zoom. This training will commence on 9th January 2021 and end on 14th February 2021. Classes will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm. This training will be conducted in Hindi language.

I am going to deliver my 28 years of experience in this training. You will learn everything that will help you to become a pro in Content Writing. You can see every single details of this course in our Course Details section.

There’re ample opportunities in India & abroad because content is always in demand. You can start own blog, become affiliate marketer with extra training, work as Content Writer or Content Editor with a company, launch own start-up to provide
content to Indian and foreign clients or work as Freelancer.

Yes, you can join this course.  A beginner can understand this course very well and people love my method of teaching.  

Yes. Every person has inborn skills for communicating with others.
Our course teaches you how to fine-tune your communication skills to create text, video and audio content. Lessons are simple and easy to understand. The basics of content remain the same though platforms for text, audio and video content are different. Our Lead Trainer will equip you with all skills to become a Content Writer.
Anyone who has completed SSC and above education and has reasonable English skills can become a Content Writer. Our course also teaches you to write content in regional languages, though the medium of instruction is English.
This course is open for everyone from school students to senior citizens, housewives, businesspersons,
professionals, hobbyists and people who wish to make money on the side.
Unfortunately, we’re unable to refund the course fees since they’re paid in advance to our Lead Trainers to conduct the session and also cover our operational costs of these training sessions.
Therefore, there are no refunds in full or part once you have made the payment but cannot attend or complete the course for any reason whatsoever.

Yes. Dmatic Digital will issue a Certificate of Completion to all students that complete the course.

Yes, recording of each class will be available for 30 days?